Certified organic cosmetics from France at a mini-price. Now available also in Austria

For five years LOTAO, a start-up situated in Berlin, has been selling and distributing rare types of rice and coconut-products in the European gourmet food market.

It is the aim of LOTAO to bring back forgotten asiatic food-treasures to the consumer and to  communicate the myths and stories related to their production and use.

The premium specialities of LOTAO are dedicated to demanding connoisseurs, who pay attention to the quality and origin of the goods.

The rice- and coconut products of LOTAO are bought under fair conditions for the producers. Further infos

The Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories established in 1983 is a leading European manufacturer and exporter of skincare products. The highest quality, innovation, effectiveness and safety of use are the key features distinguishing the products of Dr. Irena Eris company.
The portfolio is based on a wide range of products available at various market segments: premium (Dr. Irena Eris), economy segment (Lirene and Under Twenty) and the segment of dermocosmetics (Pharmaceris).
Besides manufacturing of products the company is also owner of the Dr. Irena Eris hotel chain as well as Dr. Irena Eris skin care institutes chain.
Dr. Irena Eris is one of the most recognized and highly valued brands which has achieved many prestigious awards: SUPERBRANDS, PRIX DE BEAUTE, PRIX d´EXCELLENCE.
The Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetics Laboratories is one of the very few European cosmetics manufacturers, that has its own Centre of Science and Research, where a team of molecular biologists, dermatologists and allergologists conducts multidirectional research often unique on the European scale.

Highly efficent and gentle cleaning products made from steel-wool.
The German Lebensmittelzeitung has ranked abrazo among the top 100 products in German retailing.

Swissdent is a highly innovative Swiss company, that was founded in 2006 by the Zürich dentist Dr. Velkoborsky.

Dr. Velkoborsky recognized the need for a  gentle and mineralizing, still whitening toothpaste and has developed a formula, which only consists of the best of the best ingredients – independent of production costs – a unique combination of hightech and enzymes.

The toothpastes are partly patented and stand out by their low RDA-levels.

The shape of the Swissdent toothpastes are taken from dental tools and have been awarded the Red Dot Award.


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